There's a waterfall in my home

03 February 2017 by Leonie Cuneo


Kim Porter
February 04 2017

I agree with Helen. Time for the girls to get together. ?

Family Schneider
February 04 2017

Dear Leonie,
What a positive woman you are. You can stand up paddle in your house now. In the meantime we can offer you our bedroom here in Switzerland ;) Lots of love

February 03 2017

I can’t believe the waterfall !!! I so agree with you – perfect conditions for a miraculous take off for your 2017! This was such a beautiful reminder to me that the soil that creates a strong champion is often hard & difficult. Waiting for perfect conditions is as you say, a foolish plan!!
I love it that you were laughing!!
And so we all should laugh in the face of our adversities…
This article also reminded that the bible character, Noah, reached one of the pinnacles of his calling during A FLOOD!! Sounds to me like your soil is ready for the taking Leonie. Let’s all keep laughing and thank you so much for sharing honestly… please keep sharing – we all need it. Xxx

Helen McLean
February 03 2017

This sounds like a disaster. I think we need wine.

February 03 2017

This is inspiring as I normally let things that happen get on top of me, your attitude is refreshing. I’ll try not to let stuff bother me so much. Thank you.

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