She died...

03 June 2015 by Leonie Cuneo


Greg Voss
July 19 2016

I remember your Mum and your Dad, very gracious. I can understand your pain. What a powerful way to help others heal.

Sharron gaspar
April 15 2016

I feel your pain and loss.i lost my partner of 20yrs last June with cancer.his ex wife,daughter and me we stayed till the end at our home..I love and think of him all day and night..

Wendy Russell
June 06 2015

Feeling your pain Leonie. It is just over a year since I lost my Mum & there isn’t a day that goes by & I think of picking up the phone to call her, But I love these little words: " You were with me when I took my first breath, I was with you when you took your last"

Debbie Bridgford
June 03 2015

I miss my mum every day. Some days I want mum around. Remember when mum died at the hospital I felt dad’s pain and our sorrow. I miss talking to mum on the phone every day. We miss you mum!

June 03 2015

Motherhood is the toughest job in the world and that’s why we love them so very deeply. The more we love, the more it hurts when they die. Losing our Mum’s who have always been there is difficult to fathom. I still can’t work it out.

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